one month old

My sweet boy–
You are one month old today.

Already, you have grown so much!

When you were born, you weighed in at 7lbs. 4oz. and were 21 inches long. Now, you are 8lbs. 13oz. and 21.5 inches long!

You spend most days fighting sleep, giving people the stink eye, crying for boobs, peeing on yourself and others, and hating on tummy time. Seriously hating it.

You make about 9,346,085,304,230,450 different facial expression a day, and I love every one of them.

You get the hiccups more often than any kid I know.

You snort and turn bright red when you’re really huff-and-puff-and-blow-your-house-down angry.

You have to have your hands near your face at all times.

You always do a victory fist pump after all of your big accomplishments– a long nap, a big poop, a loud burp.. You’re a man’s man.

You look more and more like your daddy every day.

Momma snuggles are your favorite (mine too) and the only way you’ll sleep after 5AM.

You’re always trying to hold your head up like a big boy, and I think it’s because you love to know what’s going on around you. You might only be able to see about a foot away from your face, but you are quick to fuss if we block your view!

I can’t believe you are already a whole month old. It’s happening way too fast. Everyone said it would, but now I actually believe them. Sometimes, I look at your little face and I can imagine what it’s going to look like a month from now.. a year from now.. and then I cry because I’m a total sap. While I can’t wait to watch you grow and experience all the “firsts” along the way, can you slow it down a bit? Pretty please?
You are the beat of my heart and the best part of every day, and I hope that you know just how special you are.

Love you, kid!


Author: Erica the Great

Wife, momma, teacher, and a twenty-something for a little while longer. Every day, I'm a lot of things for a lot of people. This space? It's just for me.

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