Friday Letters

One of my favorite bloggers recently started a “Friday Letters” series (which originated here), so I think I’ll follow suit. Be sure to check them out, and happy weekend!
Dear Landon:
I’m so glad that I have you all to myself all day long! It’s bittersweet, because I know that after this month we won’t have that special time very often. Things are going to get a little nutty with school and work and life but you know what? You have Gigi and Daddy to love on while I’m away, and they’re pretty awesome! For now, I’m soaking up every minute of your sweet snuggles and dimply smiles, and wishing this time would last forever.

Dear Old Navy:
Stop having cute clothes. I need to buy groceries.

Dear Kindergarten Nuggets:
I MISS YOU! I never thought I would actually say that. You guys were pretty terrifying at first, mostly because there are twenty of you and at least three who need your shoes tied at any given moment. It’s incredible how quickly you are learning; you’ve grown so much in just these first two weeks of school! In a month I’ll be responsible for your sweet little sponge-like brains and it’s sort of intimidating. Be kind, okay?

Dear Amazon:
I just bought a Kindle Fire in June and you’re telling me there’s already something bigger and better?! Stop it. We aren’t friends anymore.

Dear Baby Weight:
GO AWAY! It seems like these last five pesky pounds aren’t sure if they should stay or go, and I’m putting my foot down. You’re the only thing that stands between me and skinny jean perfection. BYE.

Dear Frostburg Friends:
Bernie’s and karaoke? Best idea we’ve had in a while. Let’s do that again, and maybe this time I won’t be feeling it on two beers. Ok, let’s face it, I probably will.

Dear Cold:
I know you’re there, lurking, waiting to attack. I don’t have time for you. Furthermore, if my baby gets sick, we will have words and they will not be nice.

Dear Husband:
You’re amazing. When I came home and caught you reading Dr. Seuss to Landon the other night (and snapped a sneaky picture of it like the stalkerazzi that I am), I wanted to melt. I always knew you would be an incredible dad! We celebrate our one-year anniversary next weekend and I can hardly believe it has been that long already. What a year ❤


Author: Erica the Great

Wife, momma, teacher, and a twenty-something for a little while longer. Every day, I'm a lot of things for a lot of people. This space? It's just for me.

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