four months old

You are four months old!
This has been a month full of milestones.
You have mastered the art of rolling every which way! Tummy time doesn’t freak you out as much anymore, and you’re slowly starting to tolerate it for longer periods of time. When you get yourself really worked up, you grab onto the playmat and attempt to launch yourself forward. Something tells me you’ll be army-crawling in no time!

You are not a fan of sitting– after all, why sit when you can stand? You use your wittle ab muscles to get into a siting position, but then you make your whole body stiff so that you can stand. You’re pretty wobbly on your feet, but you’re bound and determined to make it happen anyway.
You’re getting really great at holding your head up! The whole upper-body thing is a work in progress, but you’ll get it soon enough, little man. You’re becoming more of a little boy every day, and it’s so exciting!
We introduced rice cereal this month, and so far it’s smooth sailing. You aren’t stoked about it (duh, it isn’t boobs), but you’re giving it a chance. Momma didn’t realize there was a rice cereal hierarchy, so we kind of gave you the cereal with fruit instead of the simple stuff, but you liked it so whatever. I can’t wait until we can start trying out some baby food!
This is the month of THE FUSS. 
We think you’re teething, but actual teeth have yet to be seen. All the signs are there– there has to be something in your mouth at all times, you drool all over yourself, and, well, you’re generally pissed off 99% of the time– so I’m thinking teeth are imminent. Hoping we get over this hurdle soon so that I can have my snuggly happy baby back!
Student teaching has begun, and the whole not seeing you part really sucks. We’re definitely lucky that Gigi can take care of you while I’m way, but it still breaks my heart every morning when I drop you off. Remember what we talked about– no “firsts” unless Momma is there! Deal? Deal. Sometimes I wish we could go back to those first few weeks of summer so it could be Momma and baby time, all day every day.
One year ago today, I found out that I was pregnant with you. I can hardly believe it’s been that long already! In just one year you’ve grown from a tiny little bean into my almost-fifteen-pound nugget. Who knows where the next year will take us?  Love you more than you know, little man. Do me a favor? Take your time with this growing up thing.

Author: Erica the Great

Wife, momma, teacher, and a twenty-something for a little while longer. Every day, I'm a lot of things for a lot of people. This space? It's just for me.

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