Friday Facts [on Sunday]

Fact #1: Pinterest is better than any recipe book. Ever. SO MANY crock pot and quick-prep recipes that have made my life a million times easier. I only have five minutes a day to breathe as it is, so trying to make anything that requires more than five ingredients and twenty minutes of my life is not an option. Check out this board for all things yummy in the tummy! So far, I’ve made the pulled pork, mozzarella grilled cheese, and the pizza bake and they were all DELISH.
Fact #2: It’s the most wonderful time of the year– so act like it. Maybe I have a particularly poor vantage point for this as a server, but seriously, people– this is the time to be cheerful and jolly. Smile, hold the door open, say kind words. And, for the love of God, use your manners! No one likes a Grinch.
Fact #3: Landon wins the overachiever award for the week. So many big things happening in his little baby world! Just this week, he’s started babbling “baba,” picking up puffs on his own, and desperately trying to be a creepy-crawler a.k.a. squirming around on the carpet like a boss. You go, little man!

Fact #4: Christmas movies never get old. I’ve probably watched Elf and Christmas Vacation a combined total of at least eight times already, and it’s only December 16th. And the 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story? Ohhhh the best is yet to come.

Fact #5: Be generous and kind, and not just because it’s the holidays. Write a love letter. Donate to a good cause. Go out of your way to do something thoughtful. Even when it seems like you have the short end of the stick, believe me– someone else is worse off. SO GO! Do nice things and spread good cheer and make the world just a tiny bit brighter.


Author: Erica the Great

Wife, momma, teacher, and a twenty-something for a little while longer. Every day, I'm a lot of things for a lot of people. This space? It's just for me.

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