High Five For Friday!

[ONE] The biggest highlight of this week was the Mystery Trip we planned for my sister’s birthday! My mom and I have been scheming for weeks, and we pulled off the best surprise ever 🙂  We abducted her from school Wednesday after lunch, and flew to Florida for a long weekend with my grandparents. She had no idea! We have lots of cool things planned for her, starting with a trip to Disney on Thursday…

[TWO] Three Disney parks in one day? Like a boss. Here are a few pictures from our day!

[THREE] Life Lesson #324092048– don’t give a security guard the keys to your vehicle in the middle of a deserted parking lot at 11PM. At Disney World. When all of your phones are dead. Sounding a little like the beginning of a bad Lifetime movie? Probably because it could be. We took the monorail from Magic Kingdom back to Epcot after the fireworks, and found ourselves in that exact predicament. Because we were tired and clearly had a DEATH WISH to be abducted by a security guard impostor who sped away into the night with our car keys to “help us find it.” Luckily, I found our car myself and stood on top of the trunk, waving my hands like a lunatic, until he came back with our keys. And we lived to tell about it.

[FOUR] The Bedtime Struggle. Gone are the days when a full sippy and soft “gaga” (see also: blanket) were enough to lull our sleepy toddler to bed. He must have developed a sixth sense of time because as eight o’clock draws nearer, he pulls out every bedtime-aversion technique possible. He’s smart about it, too, like he already knows how to play us (mildly terrifying). He knows I will never say no to reading seven thousand bedtime stories because God forbid I discourage a love of reading… I will never say no to brushing his teeth for the tenth time because God forbid his teeth fall out… I will never say no to a snuggly toddler who just wants me to hug him while he twists my hair because, well, I have a soul. Honest Toddler recently shed some light on this issue and I had to laugh because AMEN.

[FIVE] I have lots of phenomenal/interesting/awesome posts to share from other writers who should DEFINITELY be on your reading list, if they aren’t already:

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Happy weekend!

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Wife, momma, teacher, and a twenty-something for a little while longer. Every day, I'm a lot of things for a lot of people. This space? It's just for me.

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