High Five For Friday!

[ONE] In case anyone was wondering, closing the bar at Outback four days in a row and attempting to be a functioning professional by day is an AWFUL idea. My body is still trying to make up for the lack of sleep. I’m beyond thankful that I’m able to support my family with a second income, but this girl is exhausted.

[TWO] Kate from The Small Things Blog posted the fix for my arch nemesis, the back part. Game changer.

[THREE] Week Two of the 30 in 30 Challenge is officially over! Considering the amount of times I hit the snooze button this week, I think it went pretty well 🙂 Here are three of the outfits I put together:

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 8.47.28 PM

[FOUR] There are some days I feel like Landon was an eight-pound nugget five seconds ago. Other days, I feel like we’ve been (and will be) doing Bubble Guppies and potty-training forever. And then a movie like this comes along, and it all flashes in front of me and he’s moving into his first apartment.

Growing up is sneaky and complicated and inevitable. I hope he’ll make mistakes, I hope he’ll be brave. I hope everything in the whole wide world because– whether he’s 2 or 62– he’s my whole heart.

Original link from this post by Girls Gone Child.

[FIVE] This happiness for your Friday 🙂

Because BuzzFeed is the only “reading” I had time for this week:

This Teenager’s Self-Portraits Perfectly Capture 100 Years of Fashion

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