High Five for Monday

Friday means bed by nine around here during the school year so.. here’s a High Five for Monday 🙂

1 // Chatbooks

IMG_7590 IMG_7592

I mentioned Chatbooks briefly last week, but I’ll say it again– in love. If you Instagram, this app is so perfect for getting all of your memories off of your phone and into something you can keep forever. We already have all of these pictures backed up on an external hard drive, but there’s just something about having them in print, you know? #sorryimnotsorry in advance for overgramming, but I can’t wait to fill up another book!


Everything is in order, and there’s nothing left for us to do but wait on The Underwriters to give final approval on our home loan. Does anyone else picture The Underwriters like The People of the Underworld? I’m talking brimstone and fire and the whole nine.

 If you’re even a little bit as Type A as I am, you know this is making me crazy.

3 // Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

In the market for some ahhhhmazing kid lit? Look no further.

via GoodReads

The intermediate team at my school is piloting multi-age book clubs in September, and I chose this book semi-blindly after skimming through a free preview on my Kindle. Best blind choice ever made (except for the time I bought Nutella on a whim and discovered my one true soulmate).

Lemoncello is like a twist on Willy Wonka– a mysterious gamemaker and benefactor of Alexandriaville’s new public library. He invites twelve twelve-year-olds (including our main character and every-boy, Kyle) to spend the night in the library before it opens, only to discover that they’re actually players in a game– who can escape from the library first? The kids have to solve riddles and puzzles, and keep track of clues as they go to find a way out. The book is so rich in classic lit references, but it’s fast-paced and engaging enough to hook its middle-grade audience.

Can you tell I’m excited?

4 // ALS Ice Bucket Challenge





5 // I’ve Got Good News and Good News

Have a great week, everyone!


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