Landon Lately

You’re two-and-a-half going on twenty-five.

You count to fourteen but usually skip twelve, and you’re starting to know what some letters and numbers look like and you point them out in our coloring books. I can take little to no credit here because it has everything to do with your amazing teachers who love on you and help you grow while we keep food in the cabinets and a roof over your head.

You are like a mini breathing jukebox, adding new songs to your lineup every day. You like to sing them while running in circles in the kitchen (mostly naked except for your diaper and a cowboy hat) after we eat dinner. You’ll run and sing and then stop to hold your hand up and announce, NEXT SONG! Current favorites are Wheels on the Bus, Old McDonald, Five Little Monkeys, and the cowboy song from Bubble Guppies.

Daddy is your hero.

You announce to everyone at church that Daddy plays the tar! and we always stay for the third service so you can watch him play. You sit next to him when he practices and pretend to play your plastic guitar but usually it’s your “red tar” (which is actually the ramp from one of your car toys) because it’s the same color as Daddy’s.


You have a lot to say. Most-heard phrases include– My snuggle? Cover feet?! any time we’re on the couch. One more, that’s it. when I tell you one more about anything. My tired. while rubbing your eyes as a go-to excuse for any time you’re being grumpy. My silly! when you’re acting like a nut. And of course, the toddler battle cry, NO. We’re working on “yes” and pronouns.

You always have marker on your hands and something sticky on your face.

You have lots of little friends at our daycare/preschool/center of amazingness. You have to put your lunchbox right next to theirs and you give lots of excited hugs when you see them each morning. My heart melts into a puddle of all the feels when I watch you rush to help them put things in their cubbies and say please and thank you when you play together.

After the initial shock of having to share the spotlight, I think you’re going to be an amazing big brother. We talk about Alex a lot and you always ask if he can take a bath with you. You know which room is his and you tell me he can sit in your baby seat but he isn’t allowed to snuggle with us. This will be interesting.

You love doing puzzles, losing your Legos all over the house, accessorizing with hats of all varieties, and reading together. You are also oddly enthusiastic about going shopping.

You hate naps, potty training, and hair cuts. You also hate being anywhere on time. Favorite approaches to stalling include losing all capacity to put on your own clothing and spilling the snack you had to have all over the kitchen floor just as I reach for my keys.

I am in awe of all the ways you make us crazy, and that’s why we love you. You are fiercely independent and the best part of every day.

You can grow up, as long as you promise to do it slowly.


Author: Erica the Great

Wife, momma, teacher, and a twenty-something for a little while longer. Every day, I'm a lot of things for a lot of people. This space? It's just for me.

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