Currently // 3.2.15

Meditating on these words:

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 7.55.35 AM

[Source: Awesome Blogger]

Recommending this recipe for peanut butter fudge that I found on Facebook (can’t remember the exact source), and probably gaining about 85 pounds:

1lb confectioners sugar // 2T butter // 1/3C milk // 1C peanut butter

Microwave sugar, butter, and milk on high for two minutes. Beat with a hand mixer and microwave for another thirty seconds before adding peanut butter. Mix by hand or mixer until combined, and spread into a foil-lined 8×8 pan. Cool, cut, and eat copious amounts with an enormous glass of milk.

Sharing some favorite posts under my updated Favorites tab 🙂

Slathering on Nivea Raspberry Rose Kiss Lip Butter. How am I just discovering this? It tastes so good I kind of want to eat it.

Saving for these awesome new-baby products.

The first is a nursing cover from a company I found on Instagram, Covered Goods. Nursing in public can be uncomfortable for a million different reasons, so I’m loving how functional and cute these are.

The second is a baby blanket from an Etsy shop called Lippy Brand. I came across it on a favorite blogger’s page, and love how lightweight but cozy it looks for my springtime nugget. It’s also pretty affordable when it comes to baby blankets, and something that can grow with him without being too cutesy.

Eating entire sleeves of Thin Mints in single sittings.

Braxton-Hicks-ing like there’s no tomorrow. Drinking 7,294,392 gallons of water, STAT (and tracking it with the HydrationGenius app).

Counting down the hours until a last-minute trip to see the Maroon 5 concert tonight with my momma! I mean, when your mom says YOLO, you just say yes 🙂 #groupiesforlife


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