Currently // 4.24.16

Sharing 10 Things Moms Actually Want for Mother’s DayHusband, please note numbers one and ten. And also note that my love language involves iced coffee, tacos, and sleep, but obviously not at the same time. 

Running an all girls STEM club for second and third graders! Very glad that my administration bought into this hair-brained idea (and didn’t mind my crazy emails over Spring Break) and loving every minute of it! It’s all very girl power and the boys are all very jealous 🙂 We started by building Rube Goldberg machines and introducing the second grade nuggets to the Engineering Design Process, and this week we’ll be using GoldieBlox kits to learn about torque, propulsion, momentum, and levers to ramp up our designs. Can I just do this all the time?

Reading like I don’t have a life-consuming day job, children, and two grad classes to keep up with. Blew through three good ones this month– all must-reads!

Wildflower, by Drew Barrymore

It takes every step to get to where you are, and if you are happy, then God bless the hard times it took you to get there. No life is without them, so what are yours, and what did you do with the lessons? That is the only way to live.


Hamilton, by Ron Chernow

Hey, yo, I’m just like my country, I’m young scrappy and hungry, and I’m not throwing away my shot.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 8.06.02 PM.png

Ok, so maybe that part wasn’t in the book.

Z, by Therese Anne Fowler

While Scott stayed up all night sketching out ideas, I fell asleep to the happy thought that everything was possible, anything might happen, and circumstances could change with speed and drama no one in Montgomery would ever have believed. The Montgomery girl I still was on the inside kept wanting to stop and gape, to take in the wonder of the scene or event. The New York woman I was becoming, however, didn’t have time for that girl… I was all too willing to leave her behind.


Wishing I was still on vacation! Best. Birthmas. Ever. Well, except for that time we had sixth-row floor seats for Justin Timberlake 🙂

Having these thoughts on the election:

Recommending this tinted lip balm!

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 8.29.27 PM

I am the least adventurous person when it comes to lip color, so this is perfect. It isn’t long-wear by any stretch of the imagination, but even when it’s gone, it leaves behind a little tint of color. Good enough for me!

Pretending Alex isn’t turning one in two weeks. #babyforever

Procrastinating lesson-planning and dishwashing and so looking forward to having Tuesday off! Have a great week, everyone!


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