Currently // 9.9.16

So, it’s September? As in, the summer is over?

Labor Day has come and gone and I didn’t wear white pants nearly as much as I wanted to. Try and stop me.

I also haven’t managed to eek out any real writing since this post and the likelihood of having the mental capacity to make that happen this school year? Not looking good. This post and this post are some oldies but goodies, and proof that– at one point in my life– I was capable of writing more than lesson plans.

In the meantime, here is some semi-real writing that my or may not interest you, readers, but I’ll be glad I threw together when I’m rereading and reminiscing this time next year.

1 // Feeling accomplished that I was able to read so many amazing books this summer! Here are a few– all fantastic, all highly recommended, all coming to a book review post eventually.

One True Loves // The Royal We // Where’d You Go, Bernadette // Me Before You

2 // Wondering how my babies have gotten so big! Landon just started pre-k and soccer, and is loving every minute of it.

Alex looks like he could be in pre-k, because he’s huge.

He is also as ornery as ever. He loves playing outside, eating all of the snacks, and being held. And if he isn’t doing one of those things, he’s probably sitting on his Paw Patrol car “reading” or watching Bub-Bub-Bubble (Guppies) and wondering why he doesn’t have a snack in his hand.

Landon is the best, most patronizing big brother. Yesterday, he told Alex to use nice words and be a bucket filler instead of a bucket dipper (thanks, preschool) in a voice at least an  octave higher than normal. He lets Alex play with his blocks and gives him the big Legos sometimes, and listens for him to wake up in the morning so he can go talk to him. They throw stuffed animals at each other and sometimes Landon climbs into his crib to show him how to jump in it, and Mommy gets ten uninterrupted minutes to not look like a zombie 🙂

3 // Recommending these tech tools for teachers.


Smore is a great platform for my weekly newsletter. I use the free version, so I just update the same one each week- which is kind of great because the link for parents is always the same. Very user-friendly, lots of features you can embed, not ugly.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 11.58.31 PM.png

Until this year, I’ve had to painstakingly craft a template for my year long plan in Google Docs, or worse, on a sheet of butcher paper large enough to wallpaper half of a classroom. Enter, Real Time Board. And lots of meticulous hyper-linking because have you met me? Easily shareable, user-friendly, very customizable. All the thumbs up.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 11.59.15 PM.png

Finally, Seesaw. Download it now. It’s an extremely kid-friendly platform for building a digital portfolio, and parents can connect to see how things are going! I’m very excited to use this tool in student-led conferences this fall.

4 // Trying Airbnb for the first time next weekend on our anniversary trip to San Francisco! Very excited to explore a new place, check out some new restaurants, and not be woken up at 5AM by a four-year-old telling me to scooch over.

5 // Grateful for a summer full of sweet memories– in between working, of course, because teachers don’t exactly spend the whole summer lounging by the pool (in case you were misinformed about that).

There were day trips to “Big Bubble City” (Baltimore) and lots of visits to the library. Friends to visit, trampolines to jump on, and pools to be terrified of. Alex drank water from the pool and also water from a public science exhibit and is still alive.

I traveled to Florida (twice), Connecticut, and New York. My favorite trips were the ones I got to take with this guy 🙂

HAMILTON HAPPENED and it was absolute perfection. Took lots of selfies. Still can’t believe it was real life.

And now it’s September and Landon is trying to decide if he’s going to be a firefighter or a knight or maybe a ninja for Halloween. I’m up to my eyeballs in papers to grade and lesson plans to write and emails to answer. Pumpkin spice is everywhere.

And I’m so excited that fall is (almost, basically) here because that means THE HOLIDAYS are coming 🙂 Aren’t you?!

Happy weekend!

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Wife, momma, teacher, and a twenty-something for a little while longer. Every day, I'm a lot of things for a lot of people. This space? It's just for me.

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