Baby Favorites

Baby FavoritesBeing a first time mom is a lot like preparing for the apocalypse. You aren’t sure exactly what you’re going to need, so you stockpile everything in sight and hope for the best. The third time around, I’m feeling like I could probably do this Hunger Games style with a single backpack of supplies and everyone would live to tell about it.

Contrary to what most pregnancy web sites and registry builders will tell you, babies don’t need a whole lot. What exactly do you need? Besides the obvious things you need to clothe, feed, clean, and diaper this new little human (read: Hunger Games backpack), there are plenty of products that make life a lot easier! AND they’re things you will actually use (read: not a wipes warmer- your baby is not Beyonce).

1 // In those first few months when all baby wants to do is eat and sleep around the clock, the Rock and Play Sleeper is a lifesaver. We kept it in our bedroom in lieu of a pack and play (and also in lieu of sleepwalking to the baby’s room every three hours) and it definitely made 4AM feedings more manageable. It’s also easy to close up and move to a different place in the house, so little one can snooze in the kitchen while you’re stealth-eating gummy snacks cooking dinner.

2 // I love swaddles like these because they can be so many things- blankies, nursing covers, carseat covers, a place for baby to lay while big brothers play in the yard. And they’re so cute!

3 // We keep an on-the-go changing station in both of our cars and they have saved us so many times! Grab a shoebox-sized storage container and toss in a diaper clutch like this one, a change of clothes or two, and maybe even a backup paci or bottle or whatever else you want to have around just in case. You will forget to restock your diaper bag (or forget your diaper bag altogether) and having extras on standby will keep you from driving home from grandma’s with a half-clothed baby- been there, done that.

4 // We’ve never bought an actual high chair because our dining room is pretty small, but boosters like this one have done the job just fine! I love that it functions like a high chair initially but transitions to help the littles eat at the table, and it’s easy to take with you when you travel.

5 // Landon wasn’t much for baby-wearing, but Alex was like sign me up from day one. Izzy has no choice but to love it because otherwise I will never get anything done. The Baby K’Tan is awesome because it’s already looped- less of a job wrapping baby up as opposed to the Moby Wrap- and it’s what I used with Alex. A blogger I follow is all about the Wildbird ring slings, so I ordered one to try with Izzy!

Heading into round three of life with a newborn, I’m looking forward to having all of these things around! What are your baby favorites?


Author: Erica the Great

Wife, momma, teacher, and a twenty-something for a little while longer. Every day, I'm a lot of things for a lot of people. This space? It's just for me.

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